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“After my initial session with Alison, I have begun to feel more balanced and whole. I found the combination of Yoga, movement and talk therapy to be very powerful. Alison has a gentle way of guiding you along.” - Gaella, Editor, Writer, Dancer    
    “By listening to my inner voice and the feelings that arise within my own body during sessions with Alison (Yoga Therapi), I’ve learn to cultivate a deeper gratitude for myself and those around me.” - Dayanna, Integral Psychology Student
“I’ve resisted seeking help my whole life and thought that it was up to me to solve my own problems. I was referred to Alison because my stress level was so high. I like the idea of taking care of myself on different levels. After meeting with Alison, I’ve started to care for myself in a healthier way.” - James, Electrical Contractor    
    “I was looking for a way to transition my professional and personal life. After walking down some of the traditional (therapy) paths, I discovered Alison’s Yoga Therapi. Having been a dancer and into fitness my whole life, I welcomed the connections between mind, body and spirit. Yoga Therapi hás enabled me to move through my transitions with fluidity and with a higher consciousness.” - Cleo, Marketing Director
“The process of Yoga Therapi has helped my husband and I communicate in a more passionate way.” – Sherri, Health Care Practitioner    
    “Alison has a way of making living spaces - magical. Her studio in the trees is a peaceful place to look within.” – Jill, Real Estate Agent