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yoga therapi benefits




live mindfully
reduce stress – calm your core
support recovery from addictions
overcome depression and anxiety
revitalize your spirit – stay present
understand your personal limitations
examine negative behaviors and attitudes
improve communication and expand intimacy
increase mental clarity – diminish mind clutter
heal from traumatic experiences (e.g. abuse, PTSD)
cultivate positive change and effective personal habits
boost your self-esteem - find your deeper voice - awaken intuition
explore the full range of your emotional palette through physical release
experience flow through life transitions (e.g. divorce, job change, relocation)


integrate somatic experience
cleanse and tone body organs
enhance agility & improve posture
release body tension and stiffness
improve body strength and elasticity
improve breathing and stimulate the brain



feel vital
develop joyful ritual
experience wholeness
awaken your essential nature
embrace passionate connections
feel a sense of peace and expansion
create a sacred space in everyday life
make transformation a part of daily practice