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Yoga Therapi for Individuals

An Individual Yoga therapy session is a fluid experience “On the Mat” moving in and out of talk therapy and blending Yoga and therapy techniques. While exploring a range of emotions and experiences, Alison will design each session to meet your unique needs. Enjoy a single session to help you focus, take action and live mindfully, or embark on a longer journey.

Yoga Therapi for Couples

A Couple's Yoga therapy session utilizes Yoga and movement to deepen your intimate relationship. Partners who benefit usually have engaged in some self-reflective process or individual/couples psychotherapy and have some understanding of their relationship patterns. Weekly or as-needed sessions are available.

Length of sessions and fees charged by design and personal arrangement

*No prior Yoga experience is necessary.

Yoga Therapi Groups

A Group Yoga therapy session offers an experience in a supportive small group setting.

  • A Group Yoga therapy session can help you:
    * realize that you share similar beliefs or issues with others
    * receive support and feedback
    * reduce isolation and increase social skills
    * challenge patterns in a safe, respectful environment

  • Some small groups include:
    *Stress Release - Lunch Break
    *Women in Transition
    *Women in Recovery (substance abuse)
    *Finding Your Deeper Voice: Assertiveness and Communication

• Yoga Therapi is not a substitute for allopathic medical care and works well as a complement to Western disciplines of physical therapy, medicine and other spiritual practices. If you are injured or dealing with a physical illness, always follow the advice of your licensed medical professional.