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Alison Costa

At the forefront of the Yoga therapy movement Alison Costa (LMFT, RYT) integrates a diverse body of knowledge and expertise in psychotherapy, yoga, dance, expressive arts and life coaching in her dynamic mind-body-spirit healing practice. With a unique authentic style and vitality, Alison’s Yoga Therapi fuses mental health care with yoga, yoga therapy practices, dance and creative expression. Her passion for movement, self-discovery and transformation guides others towards achieving balance and inner harmony.

Alison is a longstanding Licensed Psychotherapist (LMFT) with a thriving Bay Area practice since 1992 ( When working with Alison individuals are inspired to connect their emotions to their deepest personal expression. Making psychological associations to the body (somatics) thus becomes an intrinsic part of a successful therapeutic journey.

As a Yogi since the mid 1990’s, Alison recognizes that it’s practice often triggers profound and unexpected psychological reactions. By incorporating yoga as a therapeutic tool, participants enjoy greater authenticity and tranquility in their lives.

Inspired, by Joseph Le Paige’s school of Integrative Yoga Therapy Alison completed his teacher training program in Brazil. She is a certified yoga instructor (Yoga Alliance) and registered with IAYT (International Association of Yoga Therapists) as a Yoga therapist. Utilizing her extensive Hatha Yoga skills gathered through worldwide study, Alison blends the principles of these various styles with her holistic psychotherapeutic approach. Eastern philosophies, creative movement, mindful meditation and Feng Shui practices compliment her expertise as a Yoga therapist. 

Alison is a professionally trained dancer from New York who learned to trust her body and its expression from an early age. She has choreographed, taught and performed professionally in diverse movement styles and venues. Directing and founding three multi-cultural dance companies (San Francisco California, Raton New Mexico and Paraty Brazil) engaged Alison in natural group collaboration and creative processes.  While living abroad in Brazil, her exploration of cultural traditions; dance, music and spiritual practice, enriched her own personal journey and her comfort with Portuguese and Spanish languages broadens her connections to a diverse community.

"When Yoga practice becomes less of a discipline and more of an artistic expression in the integration of balancing emotions, intimacy with oneself is achievedů and joy begins."